New Project

Hello friends,

          First off, thank you, for reading this blog. I don’t post nearly as often as I should. On that note I would like to introduce to you my new project.

     This site is everything that I wanted this blog to become, but realized I needed to make a new site for it. I’m still going to update this blog with new posts, but they won’t be my stories, they will be more about me. If you want the stories, go to the aisle. Also, you can follow ethnic foods aisle on facebook (, twitter (@EthnicFdsAisle), google+ (search for ethnicfoodsaisle?), and tumblr (

      I really hope you will check out the site and follow the story I’m writing there. I will be updating the story every monday so keep coming. Also, I plan on having other authors with their own stories asap, so there will be plenty of content in the future. Again, Thank You so much. I really appreciate your support. See you around.


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Hello friends,

Been a long time since I posted anything. I am a bad blogger. Oh well. Not to say I haven’t been busy writing. I have been working on a few comic book projects that I am excited about. I have partnered with a couple of my talented artist friends to turn my scripts into awesome art. I will be posting more in the future on the two main projects. Continue reading

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Chapter 2

 A blacksmith’s forge isn’t much of an office, but that is where Ser Boers Grabba had chosen to administrate his university. Continue reading

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Working on the gusto.

Just thought I would drop a line on how the changes are coming. I am excited about this transition as I believe it will be better for all involved; both the readers and the author. Ultimately, I believe I have come to a rather unified vision for this site. Continue reading

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Now with more gusto in every box!

I’ve been wondering how I can get my readership up and increase my web presence. I also want to practice practice practice my writing.
Expect more content in the future. Short stories. Daily blog posts about something. I haven’t really decided yet. Continue reading

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A Different Perspective

I have been working on chapter 2 for a couple of days now and it’s going well. This chapter is going to come to you via Daeken’s point of view which should prove interesting. You might remember him as the boy sitting by the tree that Dryn befriends. Continue reading

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Chapter 1- at long last!

Dryn awoke shortly after the tenth hour. She had gotten to the inn late the evening before. It had been later than propriety should have allowed, but she was driven by desire to make it to the village that night and no later. So, she walked when she should’ve slept. Continue reading

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