Meet Dryn…

Hello folks,

I hope the Christmas season found you invariably happy and healthy. I must say it found me as such.

I decided I should post some information about what’s in the works in order to whet the readers (that’s you) appetite. I am indeed working on chapter 1.  It is so far going well, but I realized that I needed to shape the world that I am writing about in my own head before I start placing characters in it. I don’t really want this to be a “make it up as I go” kind of project. That is where the Treatise came from and there will most likely be others (for instance, a map of the world.)

That being said, I want you all to meet Dryn.

Dryn is the star of the 1st chapter. She is a bubbly confident girl with several unique abilities, though she was born with out the ability to access The Aether. (how did she get into a mage college you ask? You’ll just have to stay tuned.) She is going to be a lot of fun to write and hopefully a lot of fun to read. I especially like that she doesn’t have much of an inner monologue. She just speaks her mind, though no one would consider her rude, just very childlike in her innocence and lack of social awareness. I look forward to watching her grow up.

I hope you enjoy what is surely to come. Tell your friends and stay tuned.

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One Response to Meet Dryn…

  1. I think it would be interesting to read about a character like this, especially if her environment is controlled well by the writer (you). How would someone like this respond to things like war, famine, destruction of life, or any number of classic ethical dilemmas you can spring upon her? How does she shape other characters around her that have more overt of a human nature?

    More interesting than seeing her react to these situations, in my opinion, would be to see two other things. The first would have to be how she came to be the way she is today. Why is there a lack of social awareness? Was she sheltered as a child? DId she grow up in the wild? Or in the opposite, did she grow up in a completely controlled environment as a result of something like a psychological experiment?
    Where does this innocence come from? Is there something about her abilities that makes her so morally unique? Or is there maybe someone she’s trying to emulate or impress?

    The second thing I’m interested to see is how she, as a character, is molded by future events. Specifically, whether or not she grows into a more “mature” person by encountering terrible things or impossible choices or maintains a static persona that ultimately starts to shape her environment instead of the environment shaping her. I think both would be fun to read about and I’m excited to find out!

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