Down Time….

Hello faithful readers,

I just wanted to write to you all and thank you for keeping up with my book. I apologize for the inordinate amount of down time between the last posts. I have started writing the first chapter and I am really eager to post it, but as I promised, I will only post when I am sure of the quality. It has occurred to me, as I was writing the first chapter, that I have a lot to think about  in order to put these characters into a fully realized world. This is pretty important, in my opinion. Right now, I am working on a map of the known world. I have it pretty much drawn, but it needs cities and villages. Or rather, names of cities and villages.

As a fun thought that I just had as writing this post, why don’t we have a contest. Any and everyone who reads this, please leave a comment with an idea for a city or village name and I will choose one or two or any that I like and put them on the map. I hope to see many comments. Thanks again for following.

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