Hello friends,

Been a long time since I posted anything. I am a bad blogger. Oh well. Not to say I haven’t been busy writing. I have been working on a few comic book projects that I am excited about. I have partnered with a couple of my talented artist friends to turn my scripts into awesome art. I will be posting more in the future on the two main projects.

Today, however, I will tell you about a side project that will be published soon. My friend, Matthew Sutton, and I have put together a lovely 4 page comic in an anthology published a comic shop in orlando appropriately named A Comic Shop. The story involves fifth graders involved in a zombie apocalypse. It’s fun and gory and I’m not gonna tell you anymore so you will have to buy it to get the full story. I am gonna show you a little more, however.

Zombie Destruction

That was only one of the pages. There are three more where that came from so, again, you should probably buy it. I should add one warning. **WARNING** There are many authors and artists who contributed to this anthology, and while I’m sure they will have good stories and art, I cannot vouch for whether or not there is any language or content that you may or may not find offensive. That being said, this will be my first published work and I am pretty proud of what we have done. I will post again when it is actually available for purchase and when we have more info on the other comic projects.

P.S. I have not forgotten or given up on the University of Magical Sciences.

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